More Restaurants To Choose From When Visiting Jacksonville FL

ann Lần cập nhật cuối: 22 Tháng Bảy, 2022

When browsing restaurants to visit while in the city of Jacksonville FL, you’re going to see all kinds of great names. I’ve got four dining establishments picked out for you, and you’re going to be hungry by the time you’re done reading. See if you don’t end up stopping by one of these four top places to eat in Jacksonville, Florida.

Located on Flagler Avenue is a place by the name of Southern Grill. Some menu highlights for this place include a Cuban sandwich, Denver Omelet and Grouper. And let me just say that blueberry cobbler is one of the dessert favorites. Wow, that sounds like a lovely place to enjoy a meal. Evidently the biscuits are delicious, too, according to reviews. You might just stop reading now and make your way to Southern Grill.

Do you like Asian cuisine? If so, Blue Bamboo is a great restaurant to pick for your next meal. Located on Southside Boulevard, Blue Bamboo is known for its sweet and sour chicken, fried zuchini, bok choy, duck and so much more. Reviews say that an appetizer sampler is available. I like it when restaurants have menu items like that because you get to try a lot of foods. You only get one go around at Blue Bamboo, unless you go back, so you might as well try as much as you can.

How about stopping by what’s called the Beach Diner? Located on San Jose Boulevard, Beach Diner is said to be a good pick if you’re wanting breakfast. Enjoy those breakfast burritos! Fried green tomatoes make the menu highlights, too. The diner closes by the middle of the afternoon, so heads up for breakfast or brunch. People say that you can expect generous portions.

Derby on Park is another top Jacksonville restaurant, and it’s located on Park Street, hence its name. Lobster bites, hand-cut fries and burgers are some of what’s waiting for you at this dining establishment. Just like with Beach Diner, fried green tomatoes make the menu favorites, too. Corn dogs and pot roast are two other popular items.

You’re going to be eating good in Jacksonville FL. You’ve got places to visit for every meal of the day. I’m feeling breakfast right now. What about you? Maybe it’s not breakfast time, and Beach Diner is closed. You can always visit it tomorrow. The other three places are waiting for you and your family.